Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guatemala City Sinkhole

Guatemala City sinkhole so big, so round it 'doesn't seem real'

More than 178 people across Central America have been killed since Tropical Storm Agatha lashed the region with heavy rains on Saturday, leaving a giant Guatemala City sinkhole. How big is Guatemala's sinkhole?

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

From the air, the giant Guatemala City sinkhole appears so perfectly round and deep that photos of it almost look doctored.

Up close on the ground, “the only way to describe is to say it’s huge,” says David de Leon, the spokesman for the country’s disaster response agency, CONRED, who was reached by phone. “It doesn’t seem real.”

Rains from Tropical Storm Agatha opened the sinkhole in the residential zone 2 of downtown Guatemala City on Saturday night. CONRED estimates it is 100 feet deep and 65 feet across.

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