Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Periwinkle Logo

Periwinkle Logo

Who knows about it???

It is the logo for the Majlis Kanser Negara (MAKNA). Few months MAKNA rep aprroached me and asked me this question:

Which type of cancer is the no 1 killer in Malaysia (for woman)?

I simply answered "Breast Cancer".

Nope..I was wrong. According to the newest study..cervix cancer is the no 1 killer for Malysian's woman nowadays.

Actually, dah lama nk put up this entry..tapi ntaH cane...asyik terlupa jer. MAKNA telah dan sedang jalan beberapa campaign untuk dapatkan bantuan dan derma daripada sesiapa saja yang mahu membantu. Kadang2 kalo kita jalan2 kt shopping complex pon bleh nmpk booth MAKNA..

For my case, last october I was on my way back to my car lepas setel urusan di MAYBANK Bt Gajah. Org2 MAKNA dtg approached pasal kempen mendapatkan sumbangan dari orang ramai.

Salah satu nya seperti di bawah ni: (Malas nk type balik..just copy dr MAKNA website jer)

Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP)

DDDP is a MAKNA fundraising solution that provides the organisation with a regular and predictable flow of funds.

This sustainable source of income allows MAKNA to plan for the future, and is invaluable in the fulfilment of its mission to help as many cancer patients as possible.

DDDP specifically aims to:

Raise sustainable funds and awareness towards MAKNA’s work, the incidence of cancer, and what is needed to help cancer patients;
Daily Monthly Your money could go to ...
Approximately RM1.26
A year’s donation could go towards the cost of providing a prosthetic limb to a bone cancer survivor.
Approximately RM1.93
A year's donation could go towards one MRI for one patient.
Develop a long-term, loyal donor base for MAKNA’s numerous projects;

Build a meaningful relationship between donors and MAKNA, and

Provide a convenient and sustainable fundraising avenue for charity-minded donors in Malaysia.

Your donation will be transmitted directly to MAKNA.

Thank you for your time and consideration of the Direct Debit Donor Programme.

MAKNA kindly accepts contributions through auto debit, cheque, postal order and money order, making the act of donating easier than ever!

I chosed the RM38/month. For a start kire ok le kan. Even skit..janji ikhlas. hahahaha...Saya pilih untuk terus charge kat my credit card. Nk potong terus dr akaun bank pon bleh. Tapi charged RM1 akan dikenakan oleh pihak bank. Dari kena charge baik RM1 tu donate kt MAKNA kan. That's why saya pilih utk terus charge kt credir card. For those yg takde credit card..boleh je potong terus dari akaun..xde masalah.

By donating to the MAKNA, we will be presented with a tax-exempt receipt at the beginning of every year for the total amount donated up to December. So, ok ape bleh tolak income tax. Tapi til now saya blom dpt lagi laa..hehehe...

So, if anyone interested to donate, they can directly go to and click "DONATE". X pon whenever you see the MAKNA booth just simply ask their rep to explain you about this.

Hari ini kita mampu kita derma la. Mana tau sampai masa kita pulak yg memerlukan bantuan. Untuk treatment cancer ni bukan murah..very costly. So, dgn RM38 sebulan..harap ia dapat membantu mereka.

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