Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Research Project

After joining the YouthSays and answers few surveys, I received an invitation to a research project. It is about Beautiful Women. Nak tergelak juga kan. Cantik ke Pn. ApasH ni?? hahaha

It starts today. Where all the participants is given few questionnaires and we must blog about it. There provide a personal diary for us to blog. It is so personal sbb cuma saya and the team organizer saje boleh view. Even participants yg lain pon x bleh baca.

This research project will last for 7 days. For Day 1 (today) 4 Questions given. So saya decided buat 4 posts. One for each question. There goes my office hour today!!! hahahahaha

Mesti korang tertanya-tanya ape yang menarik dgn dapat join research project tu??? Mesti le sbb dapat incentive baru orang berminat untuk join. According to their email, all participants who manage to complete all the 7days questions akan dapat RMXXX. Dan the BEST blog will get extra RMXXX. Banyak gak tu. So, bagi kaki blogger cam saya ni..xde le susah sangat nk join. Bebel je ape nak bebel. So just wait and see whether they keep their promise to give the RMXXX.

So, anda berminat nk dapat peluang macam ni. Jom le join YouthSays. Medium yg disediakan untuk remaja to voice out. Remaja adalah dr 15thn sampai umur 35thn.

Berminat nak join. Click sini:

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