Monday, August 3, 2009

My stories....

Alhamdulillah Allah kurniakan sy dgn otak yg cerdas..

Through out primary and secondary school, my academic achievement can be rated GOOD..
though during my pre-school (Tadika perpaduan) I was the best student..
Standard 1 to 3 I was no1 in class and 2nd in darjah..
While standard 4 to 6 I was the top 5...
During the UPSR I managed to get 4As..
Surely my parents were proud of me..

Eventhough, I got 4A's I never got the offer to boarding school..
I knew why...cos my A's were not at high side..probably 80% only..
So, I ended up continued study at kelas rancangan khas (RK)..
Sekolah harian tapi ade hostels...

Due to frustration never got the offer to boarding school..
I study very hard during the mid term exam (Form 1)..
Turn out the results were very good..
very damn good and I'm the best student for whole form 1..
student cina pon kalah tau..hahaha..bangga jap..
In a split second I became popular in school...
So, merasa amik hadiah during the majlis penyampaian hadiah tahun 1995..

Can U guys guess what was my end term exam result???
I was 27th in whole form 1...
Can u imagined from no1 to no27??
Teruk kan sy??
In form2 it became worst..
Sume gara2..banyak main..malas study..
kt dlm kelas pon men2...
This started when I had a few frens that I can call group..
gossiping..chit chatting.."berangan"..u named it..
I can't blame my was all my own choice..

But, all changed when the 1st math class during form 3..
the math teacher asked all student to stand on the chair..
and who can answered her question (math formula) can sit down..
I was so embarrassed cos I was on of the remaining student that still standing on the chair..
even though I managed to answer the question..but it with the help from my classmate..

That moment was the turning point for study hard for PMR..
Alhamdulillah..I managed to get 8A's..
Again..I made my parents proud...
Finally with the PMR's result I got the chance to further study at MRSMBP..
Throughout the form 4 and 5..I was again being known as the "clever" student..
even I was not the best student..but my name used to posted at the noticeboard..
for the 10 best results in BIO, MATH, ADDMATH, PHYSICS, P.ISLAM etc...
And my final cgpa in 3.0 and above...
In MRSMBP only about 13 students get 3.0 for CGPA..
During the graduation ceremony.. parents were proud of me...

and AGAIN..with the my SPM result.. (9aggregate with 8A's)...

HOWEVER, all had changed during my UNI time...
I was not the best student anymore..
I was very lazy..and yet selalu ponteng lecture..
Ni sume sbb I didn't like my course..
Chemical Engineering...yuksss!!
Only few subjects that I managed to get A or B..
Other subjects esp core subject for chemical engineering..
mmg teruk..I even failed the "Chem Process & Instrumental Control"
4 credit hours really brought my CGPA under 2.5...

Only, in the final year i showed the interest to study..
I like my majoring courses.."Environment"...
I managed to get 3.0 above for the 2 last semester..

however, my final CGPA..still below 3.0
even my ex-schoolmate yg same course with me got a better result compare to me..
They even asked me why I became like that.. fault..bukan sbb kawan2..hehehe
I really enjoyed my UNI time..having fun..
I'm not a "skema" student like I used too..
Tapi hasil nyer...hanya 2.84/4.0 for final cgpa...

At last I'm stuck at Kilang penuh debu kt Ipoh nie..
Title position je bunyi masyuk..
but salary?? not that good..

itu la namanyer REZEKI...bukan x bersyukur..
alhamdulillah masih cukup utk kami sekeluarga..
tapi kdg2 envy tgk kawan2 yg mewah2..

eventhough result SPM bagus tahap gaban sekalipon..
kalo MALAS dh mengantui diri...
result kt U x semestinyer se "excellent" cam kt school..
Sebijak mana otak kita tapi tidak digunakan dgn betul..
hasilnyer pon x kan bagus gak kan..
yg penting kerjasama learn from the mistakes..

kan..janet kan...kan...!!!


Papa, Opah, Mak long ske ckp..
"Nanti Qaseh pandai macam mama yer"
"Qaseh nk masuk universiti cam mama eh"
"Nanti Qaseh pandai ckp omputeh cam mama tau"
and so on....

Tapi pesan Mama pd Qaseh..
"Do not repeat the same mistake yg Mama buat tau"
Kalo pandai mana sekalipon tapi MALAS..x guna!!!


suealeen said...

kejayaan sebenarnya perlu digapai secara konsisten.. walopun result tak sebaik mana tapi disebabkan konsisten tu boleh berjaya. like my cousin's case la. kami sama² sc stream. the 1st batch in the family. my result memang lebih better dari dia. beza 6 aggregates. tapi sekang ni dia ada title Dr. kat depan nama dia tu.

and me? you know what happened la kan...

cousin akak ni walo pun tak berapa cerdik, average student tapi sebab dia konsisten belajar, dia boleh gapai tahap paling tinggi masa belajar. dia belajar non-stop. ambil master pun sebab tak de sapa nak ambil dia bekerja (result tak bagus sangat + takde experience) without knowing that several subjects masa dia buat master tu adalah subjek PhD. so she kept going on.

i envy her a lot (in term of her achievement and money wise). however i know that she actually feels lonely as until now she's still single. no spouse, no children, no private/personal life. yang dia plak envy akak sebab dah anak + own a family. anak sulong dalam keluarga dia plak tu. and now all of sudden she lost her father. mak dia depends on her to be strong.

Mama Qaseh said...

Betul tu kak sue..nk konsisten tu yg prob utk sy..hehehe..sbb tu le saya x pernah berhajat nk further for masters apetah lagi nk sampai ke PhD..

Tuhan itu maha adil..mungkin kta kurang pada sesuatu..tapi kita lebih pada yg len..