Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tag : My baby's Drawer

The instructions:-

1. Take a photo of your child's wardrobe / closet.. Inside and outside..
2. Explain in detail, how do you arrange everything..
3. What do you have on top of the wardrobe / closet?
4. Where did you keep your baby's old clothes?

Currently, this is the place for keeping my baby's stuff..Due to limited space we only can placed a drawer...

Baby nye lom kuar lagik..tapi dh poyo2 jawab tag nie..hehehe..demi menjaga hati org yg meng"tag" jawab le gak..

Photo from outside:Photo from inside:

The drawer consists of 5 levels...

Level 1 : Baby's clothes + Booties & Mittens
Level 2 : Baby's romper + blanket + towel
Level 3 : Napkin + Barut + Face towel + Bip
Level 4 : Diapers + Baby's Wipe + etc
Level 5 : Currently still empty..huhuhu

Top of the drawer :

Skang just letak gambar nikah kitaorg..hehehe..x decide lagik nk letak pe atas tu..
Barang2 baby pon baru skit..nanti2 le beli lagik...

Baby pon blom lahir lagi..sure le xde baju2 lama kan..sume baju2 baru lagik sbb x pakai lagik..

Sekian..tag tamat...

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