Friday, June 19, 2009

My EBM story...

After read this entry by new mama in town, Shila (same as I am)..I felt that it's good to share the story of unsuccesful moms for exclusively BF...

She having a prob of low milk production since day one and had to feed her baby with FM..
especially now she's back to work..

Her prob is quite similar to stories were like this....

Since pregnancy stage, I determine to feed my baby wif bm..because it's the best milk for your child and itu mmg hak anak yg Allah kurniakan..From costing wise, it could save you a lot..(eventhough i've spent a lot for buying electric breast pump)..
Almaklum le..FM skang ni bukan murah..

I gave birth to my baby gurl thru c-sect..Baby Qaseh dh berak dlm perut that she was immediately admitted to the baby's ward after birth. (I didn't have a chance to see her face)
Alhamdulillah, she was fine and brought to me 17hrs after birth..

Within the 17hrs (minus the times that I still lalok due to the ubat bius)..I was wondering.."ade ke susu nie??"..try picit mcm tak kuar pon..That time I'm worried whether I'll be able to bf my baby or not...For the pas 17hrs in the children's ward, baby Qaseh were fed by FM le punah harapan for the title 'exclusively bf'...

That evening..03-04-09..for the 1st time I hold my baby and being taught how to bf..(teramat le kekoknye..)..alhamdulillah ade le susu gak..

We've stayed at the hospital for 4days n 3 nites..and it were nightmares to me..She cried all the times..she always want to 1st I only knew to nurse in cradle position..when she felt asleep..and then I put on the bed..she will woke up and cried again..aarrghhhh!!!

At last, I tried the lying down position..kire berjaya le jugak..dpt le baring n rehat..(noted: not sleep ok) tired maa...

then we brought her home..and she still crying.. my nipple that time already berdarah..sakit yg amat...kerana kasihan kan tgk anak menangis x berhenti2..papa rush to the shop and buy FM..we fed her about 2oz..and she slept thru the nite without any crying...

Sedey yg amat sbb failed to fully BF her..susu mcm x bp byk...sepanjang dlm tempoh pantang..sehari at least mesti 1botol of 2oz FM..maybe dlm pantang mkn tu kurang..air pon kurang..mana nk ade susu sgt kan..(bukan bm low production jer..sembelit pon skali)

Tapi still determine to try fully bf..I've bought electric pump (spectra-3)..and try pump the most I could get was 2oz..then if after I baby want to nurse..she will melalak..might be angry because susu nye flow kurg..terpaksa fed her wif the susu yg baru pump tadi..

At last, sampai masuk kerja balik..I have zero stock..the 1st day at work what did I do??

Time subuh my baby will nurse and then got back to sleep..then I pump only got 2oz..
at the office I pump at 11am and got about 3oz..then rush back home during lunch hr utk antar EBM..ptg another pumping session and only got about 3oz..Of course it wasn't enuf to feed my baby for kena le bagi FM..only weekends je fully bf..

That's was my rutin untill today (dh 17 ari start keje)..alhamdulillah nampak gayanyer bm production makin byk..

Started with only 2 pumping sessions at the office..I squeezed another session.. 8-9am, 12-1pm & 4-5pm...mula2 I only got only 3oz per session..Alhamdulillah, start this week..dh increased to 4-5oz per session..(still x byk compare to others)..syukur sgt2..sbb starting last monday (15/06) untill today..NO FM at all!!!

Baby Qaseh at average will consumed about 4-5bottles of 3oz..about 12-15oz from 8am-5pm..
Alhamdulillah, berkat kesabaran, keyakinan dan susah payah rush balik time lunch hr..skang my baby dh kire fully bf...baru 5ari..hahaha..kesan putih2 kat lidah pon dh hilang..(minum FM punyer pasal laa)

Tapi, ape yg dpt sy pump today, adalah utk esok nye bekalan..STOK EBM STILL ZERO!!!
Info dr try pump during weekends utk wat stok..ok I will try..
Berdoa minta le boleh diteruskan fully bf nie..and no more FM..amin..

Wish me luck..utk buat stok..sbb nk dekat bulan pose ni..takut production jatuh lak..kalo ade stock lega skit.


suealeen said...

akak breast sampai rasa nak pecah. bila baby minum abih tersembur atas muka dia. sebelah nyusu, sebelah lagi kena hold supaya tak keluar menggila-gila. tu la experience memasing kan... tak sama.. moga mama Qaseh dapat teruskan perjuangan.. go go chaiyok!

mama-qaisara said...

aku nye schedule skrg mcmtula..pam arini mmg totally utk ko boleh try.pastu utk stok cuba pam weekend/pam ari jumaat utk wt stok ebm.tryla..aku try buat cmtu,dlm sebulan dpt kumpul stok dh tinggal 30lbh.but for me aku still ok.if stok tak drop below 30 pd aku dh ckp memadai.harap2 adala rezki utk anak kita. =)

Fazira Aziz said...

apash, recently i've read banyak gak info & story dhia ni. :) tengah belajar2 nanti bila dah peknen,dah ada bby senang..dari skang kena do lots of reading ait? take care apash..

Cik CT said...

salam ziarah...jln2 tgk blog..mmm,xpe..jgn putus asa dgn bf ni..insyaAllah, tiap baby tu ade rezki dia sndiri...;) keep pumping..