Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Mom suspected dengue...

Yesterday, my mom went to Klinik Kesihatan for a checkup cos dah 3 ari demam and x lalu makan. Kena amik darah..and then they suspected my mom kena dengue fever cos the level of the platelet was lower then normal. Today, she have to go to the clinic again to get the full result. If the result is positive she have to admit to the hospital.

Last nite, me, hubby and my in laws gi visit my mom kt ipoh. Sayu hati seorg anak mcm saya nie..tgk my mom x sihat mcm tu. She look pale..she never been so ill like that. Fortunately, she still able to get up and sit to have conversation with my in laws..

Me..duduk kt her side..I saw her feet..nmpk pucat and mcm kecut. Normally, kaki my mom mcm bengkak skit sbb dia mmg sakit sendi.. Bile pegang kaki dia...sejuk je..

She will turn 59 yrs old this coming 22/12..I really hope that she will get better very soon..

"Mak, acik doakan mak cepat baik..Acik sayangkan mak sgt2"

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