Wednesday, December 31, 2008

En. Hubby VS Jambang/Janggut

Pixas of en.hubby wif jambang and w/o jambang..

Niat di hati mmg nk wat entry ni dr last week..tapi tak terbuat lak..skang je ade opportunity nk wat entry pasal my darling hubby...

Since dr mula2 jumpe atas feri 4 years ago..Sy mmg tertarik ngn 'goatie' en.hubby..(and his eyes of course)..since then sy x penah nmpk en.hubby w/o goatie dia..

But, after he started work in 2007..dia start simpan 'jambang'..especially since he gained some weight..hehehe..reason why???

1) nk cover pipi yg tembam aka 'kembung'..huhuhu..(reason yg sy bg le..hahaha)
2) to look more mature and x nak nmpk cam budak2..(almaklum le partner dia (sy le tu) kan tua 3 thn dr dia..) -
does i look old compare to him?? hmmmm
3) ikut sunnah katanye...(ape2 je la bie..huhuhuhu)

En. hubby hanya akan cukur jambang dia for special occasion je..for example time wedding day dulu..then baru2 nie kitaorg nk attend my cuz' s wed last for this 2008 baru 2 kali je en.hubby free from jambang..hihihi....

For me..isteri yg baik nie..hehehehe..x kisah whether en.hubby nk simpan jambang ke x nak.. as long as...JANGAN cukur 'goatie' tu..tu je syarat sy..hehehe...kdg2 mmg en.hubby usik2 bini dia ni kata nak cukur abis...

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